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About The Creative Canvas
from the owner, Christy Wilcox

The Creative Canvas Handmade Memorials Website is an extension of my brick and mortar art studio in northeast Georgia. 

I taught art classes for several years and have always loved to gift and make crafts. In 2006, my husband and I suffered a miscarriage loss of our second child. I was heartbroken and searched the internet for hours looking for something to memorialize her- to have something tangible that she existed, that she was remembered. I finally found a little pin that gave me so much comfort every time I looked at it. I had written a memorial poem for her that I later put on an ornament to bring comfort to other friends who suffered the same sort of loss. That ornament idea turned into other keepsakes as different bereavement situations arose.

Over the years, I had people ask me to make the ornaments for their friends and loved ones and in September of 2014 I decided to offer a few through an online marketplace. I sold 400 that first year and have now sold well over 40,000 handmade pieces- I've shipped to every state in the US and over 25 countries.

It is an honor to me that so many people have chosen one of my ornaments to

help bring comfort to someone grieving. 

We are very much a small business. We have five workers total- all family- and each item is still handmade in my northeast Georgia art studio. However, even though we're not a large company, we are professional and make customer service our top priority. We are dedicated to making each ornament as if making it for our own friends and family and truly hope they help those in mourning. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.


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